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The goal of the Central Basketball Association is to have fun learning and playing basketball while building strong, competitive teams for the future.  At younger grade levels, more emphasis is placed on skill development and lots of playing time.  At older grade levels, we’ll continue to emphasize basic skill development and will make every effort to see that all players get game experience, although playing time may not be equal for every player.  Our teams will play tough but fairly and, as always, good sportsmanship is expected of all players, parents and coaches at all times. 

We must register and commit to the number of meets we want to play and host in August. We strongly urge you to complete the online registration by clicking the blue Register rectangle or the red Register Now button before July 31,  in order to avoid paying the late fee.  This will assure that the participant has a spot on a team and will give us accurate numbers for organizing the teams and coaches.

Each 5th-8th grade team will participate in Saturday basketball meets which are sponsored through The Great Northwest Basketball League (large teams may participate in more meets with the goal of having each child play on 3-5 Saturdays).  Each season we host a home tournament for each team to help keep costs low; the monies from home meets goes back into the program to pay for equipment, jerseys, game participation, etc.  (All families will help volunteer with these events in order for them to remain successful.) The team coaches will have practices scheduled when gym time has been arranged.  These schedules will be communicated to parents by each coach. 

The 3rd and 4th grade teams will begin in mid October and the season will end before Christmas in December.  Each team will have the opportunity to participate in two or more Saturday non-competitive meets (2½ hours long) with other area schools.  Coaches will communicate the schedule to parents as soon as it is available. 4th grade teams MAY participate in a competitive meet in January or February, per the coaches discretion.

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